What’s Your Most Memorable Dogfight?

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11 Responses

  1. Tony M says:

    Nice story. All my favorite dogfights came from the Lucasarts Star Wars games too. It felt like dogfighting because you had to "shake him off your tail" and then get on his tail and stay there. It felt like Top Gun, which, for my generation, is final word on realistic air combat.

    Star Wars dogfighting felt like a breath of fresh air after the "medieval jousting in space" feel of the early Wing Commander games.


    • Brian Rubin says:

      This is true, it felt like your maneuvers matters in the LucasArts games, rather than just the twist and shoot and twist and shootness of the Wing Commander games.

  2. Juan Rayo says:

    Great story mate, made me re-live some of the LAN nights at my place, with my buddies and I in a nervous formation while we waited for an Imperial star destroyer to jump in. Both Xwing vs Tie fighter and Freespace 2 gave us memorable space dog fights, haven't experienced anything quite like that since.

  3. Norwyn Schultze says:

    I wish I could actually remember specifics, but alas, I cannot. All I know for certain is that it would have been in one of the X-Wing games, most likely Tie Fighter. Flying in space never felt quite as 'real' as in the X-Wing games, and the dogfighting was superior to all others.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      The X-Wing/TIE Fighter definitely felt more "seat of the pants" than nearly any other space sims.

  4. Chris says:

    Mine was with the first Wing Commander. It was the the mission where the Kilarthi attack you in stolen Rapiers, the best fighter in the game. I don't remember how many I fought, I want to say at least two waves of 4 back to back, all without my guns which had been shot off. I had a few missiles left but I tried to ration them for certain kills. I wound up diving at the enemy, pulling up at the last second and slamming into them. My shields would drop all the way but I always did serious damage to the Cats. By the time I landed on the carrier all alarms had been blasting for 10 minutes. It was a white knuckle affair all the way.

  5. Wi111 says:

    just discover this great blog ,

    i use to be Wing Commander 2 fan play the hack out of it , but Xwing/Tie Fighter really spoile me after that i just lost all the love for wing commander even i still play through WC 3 to 5 but they never had the feel of flying as Xwing or so.

    for my memorable dogfight also from Xwing

    at the latest stage of the game when fight above death star, i was flying Xwing/Awing fight group of Tie Advance no matter what i do , those TIE just way too nimble to get behind them, the battle go on for 2+ hours in complete stalemate.

    i was so exhaust end up pause the game n go take a nap with the fear the computer will crash.

    lucky for me nothing go wrong after the nap i able to finish the mission within 30mins or so.

    it may not be exciting as your mission but sure was memorable for me.

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