SGJ Podcast #76: Fondly Remembering Freespace 2 on its Fifteenth Birthday

Still Awesome After All These Years...

Hello friends, and welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! The date we recorded this podcast was 9/30/14, which is 15 years to the day on which the finest space combat game ever, Freespace 2, was released. Therefore, Jim and I talk to a couple of folks who are not only fans, […]

SGJ Podcast #74 – Building Great Gameplay with Reassembly

Colorful Chaos!

Hello my friends, and welcome to this latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! In this latest episode, Jim and I sit down with Arthur Danskin to talk about his upcoming open-world spacey combatey buildey game, Reassembly, which is also going through a Kickstarter campaign. We talk about how the campaign is going, the […]

SGJ Podcast #73: Star Command: Revolution and Other Frivolities

It's a Classic and It's Cray!

Hello my friends, and welcome back to the Space Game Junkie Podcast! After a couple of weeks off so that I could prepare for and recover from my recent move, we’re back! Yay! This week, Jim, guest cohost Todd “Nack” and I discuss, some new space games such as Transverse, and then jump into our […]

SGJ Podcast #72: Experimental Randomness and First Impressions

What? We Had to Test Hitbox with SOMETHING, so Why Not Paragon? ;)

Hey folks, welcome to this random-ass episode of the Space Game Junkie podcast! This week, Jim and I were supposed to talk about Orbiter, the realistic space/orbital flight simulator. However, since I’m mired in moving, and Jim’s internal calendar got thrown off by our Saturday podcast, we were both woooooefully unprepared for just how detailed […]

SGJ Podcast #71: Elite Clones for Your Space Trading Needs

Surprisingly Pretty

Say you wanna play in the open playground that is Elite: Dangerous, but don’t want to shell out $75 for the beta version. You’re in luck, my friend, because this week Jim and I take a look at some of the open-source Elite alternatives that cost significantly less (or nothing at all) yet still scratch the […]