SGJ Podcast #451 – Breaks and Moderation

I Guess Everyone Needs a Break Now and Then…

Hey friends, welcome to this week’s show! Sorry again for the unannounced/unscheduled break, but we’re back! Also apologies for the weird audio in the middle of the show. This week, Spaz, Julie, Thorston, Jacob, David and I, even though we’re all damned tired, spend time talking about the importance of breaks and moderation for one’s mental health. Many of us have taken lengthy breaks from video games for a variety of reasons, and we talk about those here. It’s a short — sorry I was so tired — but fun discussion.

Next week is up in the air. I’ve offered the slot to a guest but they’ve yet to confirm, so we might do another topic. It’ll be fun regardless! As always, if you have any questions or comments, please drop them in the comments below, email us at or hit us up on the forums. Thank you for listening!!

Author: Brian Rubin

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