A Moment of Silence for Jumpgate Classic

As you may recall from my obituary, Jumpgate is closing its doors today forever. One of the most unique and special MMORPGs ever made will be no more, and I just wanted to ask for a moment of silence in tribute of this much beloved game. You’ll be missed, old girl, and you’ll never be forgotten. […]

Site Stuff: List Updates

Hey y’all, how are ya? I’m sure y’all are aware of my huge list of games I plan to review for this site (i.e. every space game ever made for a computer-based platform). I’m constantly updating it, but until now, I’ve not been able to find a way to also show my list of games […]

Site Stuff: Thanks For Your Patience

Hey y’all, I just wanted to chime in and personally thank everyone for their patience this week. I didn’t release any major content while running that integrated forum experiment because I didn’t want to lose any valuable comments. Rest assured that I’ve got several great articles coming in the pipelines for next week, including the […]

Site Stuff: My Decision on the Forums

Update: Hey y’all, the now new forums are now up. I still need to play around with the look of it, but it’s fully functional! Just click the link above or right here to head over and register. The good news, this forum has Tapatalk support, yay! The bad news, I wasn’t able to migrate […]

New Distant Worlds Expansion in Q4 of This Year

Usually I save this kinda stuff for the snippets, but since I’m both loving the game and currently reviewing it, I figured I’d mention this. News comes from Space Sector that over on the Matrix Games forums from Matrix Games dude Erik Rutins that: Well, I may as well add this point as the press […]