Site Test – BBPress with Topics for Posts Plugin

Under Constuction


Alright, another try at this sort of thing. Now, using BBPress with the Topics for Posts plugin, this post should hopefully create a new forum thread in my newly installed BBPress forum. Let’s see what happens.

Edit 2: Okay, I found a plugin that allows moderation of new user registration but…honestly, I don’t feel comfortable allowing new users to register here on the blog itself. I was hoping to keep it similar to the way it is now…approved guests can comment without registering. However, it looks more and more like I might need to keep the two separate. Would you guys be okay with that?

Edit: Okay, this is working well, except the method of moderation is somewhat maddening. I either have to moderate every comment/post, or allow anyone to register to the site. The problem THERE is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to moderate new users. I’m starting to think an integrated solution is too problematic…

Author: Brian Rubin

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