Squad Wars – Possible Successor to Jumpgate – Announced!!!

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This One Has Promise...

So when I wrote my epitaph for Jumpgate a little while back, I was told that Scott Brown — the game’s creator — was at a new studio working on a new spacey game! Well, it now looks like that game is coming to pass, and it’s called Squad Wars. As of right now, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise capital, and most of the info on the game can be found on their Kickstarter page at the moment.

As of right now, features sound a lot like Jumpgate…squad-based combat, skill-based control, mining (YAY!) and more. The page has more info, but I’m tired and about to go home from work and it’s long and I’m too excited to read it all! ;) I hope to bring you more info on this game as I get it, but right now, all I know is I am DAMNED hopeful and thrilled about this.


Author: Brian Rubin

18 thoughts on “Squad Wars – Possible Successor to Jumpgate – Announced!!!

  1. Thanks for the kind words Brian, we are really excited about the new game! Hopefully we can make this happen and this type of crowd sourcing can become a reality for lots of developers in the future.

    1. OMG HI SCOTT/SCORCH, and welcome!! Huge, HUGE fan here, looooved Jumpgate so very much, and VERY excited to see this new project in the works!

  2. Unfortunatly it will not be a persistent world game.nAt least it does not sound like it (scenario based). I am still waiting for something like X-Online. And now that Black Prophecy is dead, which on (besides Vendetta Online) is left ?


    P.S.: And before someone mentions EVE: I do not like this non-level based games :-) peronal taste of cause.

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering about the open world persistent thingy. I hope it is along those lines.

      As for your question, besides VO, that upcoming Infinity game is an MMO isn’t it? That’s the closest thing I can think of that’ll fit the bill if Squad Wars doesn’t.

      1. Yes, you’re right of course, sorry. It’s so new to me it’s not entrenched itself in my mind yet, I guess. ;)

        1. I have seen the Infinity site, but I am not sure when the release date is. There seems to be little progress (at least on the website). I just thought about Miner Wars. Not sure if they will have a persistent world thing (but the website sounds like it). I played an early build, but there was not a lot to do…. (Have to recheck it maybe…)


          1. And: I have another one called dangerous (Who is dangerous.com)


            1. Yes indeed, haven’t played that one yet, but really looking forward to it. :)

  3. this is gonna be good. i never got to play jumpgate, so i’m looking forward to this. also never heard of vendetta online, so i’ll be trying that out soon. it was cool of scorch to post on here.

    1. Okay calm down! It’ll be alright! Do you need me to call somebody? ;)

        1. Whew, good, I was worried there.

          So was that a pro or anti-mining reaction?

          1. ugg, you mentioned the word again! /cringe

            Na, it was neather joy or hate at it.

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