Squad Wars Q&A: Learning from The Past, Preparing for The Future

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9 Responses

  1. Linh Ngo says:

    I would have liked another open world game as a competitor to EVE Online, too bad this doesn’t have one. What differentiates it from Black Prophecy or Battlestar Galactica Online? I suppose the territorial conquest might. It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds (from another space game dev in the same neck of the woods :)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      I’d like that too, but it’ll come in time. Welcome to the blog, by the way! :)

      • Linh Ngo says:

        Thanks for the warm welcome, Brian! It’s great to be amongst fellow space game nerds, er, enthusiasts!

        One other concern is the name “squad” implies a purely multiplayer team-based game. The renegade in me likes to occasionally solo MMOs as a change of pace, so hopefully that will also be possible.

        I missed out on the original Jumpgate, so definitely want to try this game when it is out. I know someone who works at End Games who used to work with us at another game company, so it’s a small world out there.

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Yeah, it sounds like it’ll be much, much more focused this time, which might be a good thing. I’m hoping there will be a true successor to Jumpgate one day though, because that’s the closest we’ve ever gotten to a multiplayer Elite or Privateer, and SOMEONE else has to want to build that.

  2. Wild_Bill says:

    JumpGate didn’t end the way it started out either. There was NO player based economy at the start. It evolved over time and with player/dev interaction. Same for various ships and classes of ships. There were NO effective mining ships in Oct 2001. No size 5 mining lasers. No Deep Space radars to differentiate valuable ore from common ‘roids at maximum radar range. At start up there were no Storage Depots; no Mining Depots, no Science Factories, etc.

    Get the game going and bringing in players by the boatload and Squad Wars WILL develop into something much different from how it starts. The nice thing about a closed box is the ability to knock the ends off of it when you need more space.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      God, I remember how elated was when the mining ships were finally introduced. The first time I mined in a Khamsin was a revelation. I probably spent more time in that ship than most of the others. Sigh.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Gust was still my favorite though. ;)

  3. JLD says:

    I remember the days when Jumpgate hosted more than 120 players at one time. I sense a real eagerness for this project to come on line. Build it and they will come! Work hard, work fast, make it happen!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      120?! There were several hundred at launch, if I recall, and that lasted for a few years. Ah, those were the days. ;)

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