Reader Appreciation Giveaway: All Steam Codes Gone! :)

Lunar Flight Screenshot
Wanna Crash a Lunar Lander? Play Lunar Flight! ;)

Edit: Well, that didn’t take long. All codes are now accounted for. Thanks everyone! :)

Hey y’all, how are ya? Funny thing happened the other day. Sean from Shovsoft sent me a Steam code for his excellent — and challenging, to put it nicely — space leaping sim, Lunar Flight. I mentioned that I already purchased a copy which I have on Desura, but asked him if I could use the code in a promotion…so he sends me nine more codes.

That’s class, people. :)

So I tried to think of the best way to get ’em to my readers — you folks — and I figured, why not just give them to y’all to show my appreciation for visiting and commenting on this blog? ;) This blog is a labor of love, I’ve said before, and I sincerely appreciate every visit and comment I get here. Therefore, since you all have given me so much joy, I wanted to return the favor.

The first ten individuals to comment on this post will receive a Steam code to Lunar Flight via email, so please use a valid email address and check for spam. :) This is my way of saying thank you to the good people who continue to visit my blog and keep my traffic going up each month since I’ve launched it. Thanks so much, and enjoy the game. :)


      1. Thanks! :D

        To be honest, I haven't bought KSP yet, I just tried the demo/free version/thingy one, and it was fun. Planning on buying it when my backlog of games are exhausted… Wait, now I have one more in my backlog!

  1. Oh sure, the one day im really sick and didnt check my daily pages like this, ya give out stuff!

    Other then that, love your postings. They have made me go back and found a game i really liked at the time and now im doing it with some mods.

    Wait, that should be a hate and not happy thought. Mostly due to eating up all my free time now! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. As the intro was playing i was remembering it and what was happening. To bad i suck at it now tho.

    For some reason everytime i see that name i always think of freespace 2.

    Ive also been thinking about digging out my old hardware wars cd and giving it a go again.

      1. Yup, that i am. Although im just getting over a horrible cold, so i havent done much with it. Actually im doing the new one you posted about. well torn stars but the US addon for that addon.

        Part of the trouble im having tho is any time i hear the words of mining, i have old eve online flashbacks and i start to go into a violent twitches ;)

        Ill probably start and finish darkest dawn first tho. Freespace 2 is one of my all time favs. Well besides the X series. Mainly since there are constant mods for X.

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