Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced!!! OMG!!

Space Rangers HD A War Apart Screenshot
SR2 Now in HD! Glorious!

Well THIS certainly came out of nowhere! Space Rangers 2 is considered one of the greatest space games made in the last ten years, if not ever. It’s amazing universes populated by varied creatures wherein you take the role of a single pilot to do…whatever you want, basically, has been on my hard drive since its release in 2004.

Since then, fans have clamored and outright begged for a sequel. Today the folks at 1C announced not a sequel, but an update to the amazing game entitled Space Rangers HD: A War Apart. This expandalone includes all of the content from the original game and the Reboot expansion pack, as well as new content allowing the player to see the universe from the pirate’s point of view, which should appeal to a ton of people I know who love playing pirate. ;) Besides this, it also includes new spaceship upgrades, planetary battles, text adventures and hyperspace engagements. The BIG deal, besides all the new content, is a graphics overhaul. Now the graphics can support displays up to 1920×1200, and include enhanced visuals and a refined interface.

Now, while a lot of folks — including myself — were clamoring for a sequel, a lot of folks — including myself — think Space Rangers 2 was pretty dang near perfect as it is, so this new title mostly falls into the category of “If it ain’t broke etc etc…”. While Space Rangers 3 would’ve been awesome, this new updated version of the classic should ALSO be awesome, and who can argue with more of a good thing, right? ;) I’ll bring you more on this as I get it. Thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Announced!!! OMG!!

  1. Cannot wait for this to come out. Hopefully, this will give this amazing game more visibility so more people will play them, which I hope would lead to more games like this (i.e. open and dynamic) in the future.

    1. Right? I would love it if it found a new audience this time around, and I totally plan to do my part to help out with that. There are PLENTY of open and dynamic fantasy games, let's indeed have some more open and dynamic space games, gorammit.

  2. SR2 is a fantastic game that manages to get a lot right that a lot of space sims struggle to deliver: a living universe filled with autonomous npcs and tons of adventures to have. I have very high hopes for this one, and I also hope it shows up on

    1. I honestly dunno, but now that GOG has a focus on newer indie games, there's a possibility I guess. :)

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