Freespace and Freespace 2 on Sale This Weekend at GoG

Freespace 2 is the best in the business.
Best Space Combat Ever for Mere Peanuts...

Once again, GOG (formerly Good Old Games) are having a huge Interplay sale, and as a result, you can now get the amazing Freespace (and its expansion) and the subblime Freespace 2 for $2.99 apiece. If you have ANY interest in the genre, and have yet to play either of these games…well, what the hell is wrong with you? ;)

Seriously, buy them! You don’t need to have played the first one to enjoy the second, however, so while I suggest you buy them both to support GOG, you can only play the second one if you wish. Also, don’t forget to get the FSO Installer so you can update Freespace 2 to the latest version of Freespace Open, which pretties it up a LOT.


PS. If you need convincing as to why Freespace 2 is so awesome, check out the YouTube video I’ve embedded after the cut.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Freespace and Freespace 2 on Sale This Weekend at GoG

  1. oh yea. i had to get freespace 2. i've never played this (i know) and with all the cool mods i've seen, seems like a good time to get it.

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