Off-Topic: What Other Types of Games Do You Enjoy?

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Give Me a Giant Robot and a Gun to Shoot Things With...

The other day, I came across a video game entitled BIONITE: Origins, which is an homage and a spiritual successor to the fantastic RTS/FPS hybrid Battlezone from the late 1990’s. I thought back to games like Battlezone  and my favorite in the genre, Uprising: Join or Die, and started thinking…what other types of games do my readers enjoy? Now, while of course space games are my first true and still biggest gaming love, there are other genres that I just ADORE. These include:

  • Mecha Games – Heavy Gear 2 being my favorite sim-type game, while MissionForce: Cyberstorm is my favorite strategy game with giant robots.
  • Flight Simulators – Favorite jet sim is EF2000, favorite prop sim is 1942: Pacific Air War.
  • Violent or Crazy Driving Games – All-time favorites are Carmageddon and Interstate ’76, as well as the aforementioned Driver: San Francisco.
  • Open-World Games – I looove games like InfamousKingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and so on.

So yeah, besides my beloved spacey games, those are the other types of games I’m really into. What about you guys? :) I can’t wait to read your choices. :)

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19 thoughts on “Off-Topic: What Other Types of Games Do You Enjoy?

  1. Recent non spacey games I'm loving at the moment…

    Skyrim… this game is amazing you can lose yourself in this one for hours. The word Immersion was designed for Skyrim.

    Dungeons of Dredmor… fun little dungeon romp whith unlimited replayability. Hours pass as minutes with this one.

    League of Legends… Great way to pass a few hours and playing online really gets the heart beat racing in close matches. Best of all it's free.

    AI War Fleet Command… Ok I know it's a space game but it's just so much more than that. Have been playing this one loads lately.

    Battle for Wesnoth… Another freebie game with tonns of character.

    Finally Age of Wonders Shadow Magic… epic fantasy strategy gaming at it's best.

    1. Hey Lee, welcome to the site.

      I need to play Skyrim eventually, once I get a PC that can handle it. DoD is a fun little game, and AoW:SM is a favorite of mine. All great picks. :)

      1. I play Skyrim on Xbox. My poor old lappy would choke at the thought of running Skyrim, it even struggles with Morrowind!

        1. Heh, as I have a PS3, and I've heard nothing but horror stories at the PS3 version, I can wait. I'll get the GOTY version eventually once I have a new PC. ;)

  2. I'm ashamed to say this, but lately Tribes: Ascend has been taking up more of my time than it should.

    A game that's designed to hook you in (just a few more exp then I can unlock this new weapon! Oh, just a few more for that unlock!), but is very fun and is a lot like the old Tribes 2, sans some of it annoying features, but also some of its good features (shrikes are harder to control in the new one for example)

    It've been a welcome break from the stress of publishing my game.

    1. I hear that Tribes game is a lot of fun. I played Tribes 2 way back when, and I enjoyed it a bit. :) I eventually went back to playing Unreal Tournament though. ;)

  3. Everything. Well, except for MMOs. They need to do something new.

    I use to loooove RPGs, but I'm a bit burnt on them. Haven't gotten more than 4 hours into Mass Effect 2. The Witcher, I like, but Bioware is on my naughty list.

    Roguelikes. Always and forever.

    Strategy games. I prefer tbs to rts, but I'll take a good Paradox game any day of the week.

    I'm with you on the driving stuff, but I also like the more hardcore, realistic end of the spectrum. There's nothing quite like the sense of speed in an arcade racer though.

    Sports games. I looooove football, but don't care for Madden. I'm in a league for Front Office Football and Out of the Park Baseball, both of which are text games. MP text based sims are awesome because of the stories you create.

  4. Hard-core survival games. Right now NEO Scavenger is my favourite. And I tweaked Fallout New Vegas so I needed to drink water almost constantly. Food was devoured every five minutes. Good times, good times. :)

    1. Survival games piss me off, honestly. If I wanna have to be reminded to drink water and eat food, I'll hang out with my girlfriend. ;) Keep it out of my games, dangit.

      1. You don't get reminded. You get 'reminded' – your vision turns blurry, your action points drop and you gasp for another ounce of food. That's when it's magic time. ;-)

  5. Oh and Metro 2033 on the hardest difficulty. I don't remember much about that game except running from place to place looking for another gas mask filter to extend my life another 10 seconds. :) Good times, good times.

    1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat is awesome too, from the same devs. It's more or less an open world survival version of Metro 2033. Recommend getting Stalker: Complete mod for bugfixes and a graphics overhaul.

      1. Hi there, Stain, and welcome to the site! :) I've heard the STALKER games are pretty good, have yet to play 'em though. Is that the one you'd suggest I dive into first?

      2. Oh yeah. Just re-installed Stalker COP and am installing the Stalker: Misery mod – super hard core basically. Just Google it and it will take you where you need to go.

  6. Hm, yes, maybe easier to list types of games I don't like than those that I do. But I am a particular fan of 3rd person adventure/actiony games, like GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Crackdown, that sort of thing. Any type of game that scratches my intense exploration itch will usually get me fired up, regardless of genre, now that I think about it. Still love the occasional point and click adventure game too.

  7. It is funny, I was going to ask you this question and here you go and have a post about it. For me, space games are a very, very small part of my gaming. I tend to stick with really highly rated ones (like Galactic Civilizations). I wasn’t even crazy about Alpha Centauri even though I love Civilization. I think its mostly the terminology (Xenophrotosis tech, what is that?).

    I like a lot of genres, turn-based strategy games (like Civ), FPS with a good story or atmosphere (like Dead Space), RPG (The Witcher 2, Dragon Age, Legend of Grimrock, Neverwinter Nights), Tower Defense (Unstoppable Gorg – they can be stopped, Defense Grid), wargames (Unity of Command, Battle Academy). I play a little OOTP Baseball, but not much. The occasional driving game. I need help!! :-)

    In fact it is probably easier to list what I don’t like. Wargames with too many chits to move around, RTSs unless they are slower paced, mindless clicking – like Diablo).

    One Guy, Too Many Games

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