SJG Podcast #53: A Look Back at Where They Are Now…

Captain! We're Being Followed!

Captain! We’re Being Followed!

Hey folks, welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I take a look back at the games we’ve covered on the podcast and basically ask, “Where are they now?”. In some cases, the games we’ve looked at have come a long way, but in some cases, sadly not so much. Join us as Jim and I take a look back and see how these games are doing…

As always, we welcome your comments below and your letters at! Thanks for listening/watching, and enjoy! :)

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Spacey News 11/12/13: Lots of Good News Incoming!

News Satellite Dish


Hello my friends, and happy Tuesday, 11/12/13! Iget a kick out of that. I’ve collected enough stories to do one of these digest thingies, so let’s dive in, shall we?

Finally, our buddy SolCommand is having a contest wherein you can win a copy of Diamant Tools for Maya, which are apparently both awesome and expensive! Check ‘em out!

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one!

Videos? Right this way…


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Spacey Gamey Dealsies 9/10-11/13: The Apology Edition

News Satellite Dish

Beepity Beep Beep Beepity Beep…

Hey folks, happy Wednesday! I hope y’all are having a great week so far! On my end, I am tiiiiiiiiiired, so tired I’ve not even felt motivated enough to…*gasp*…play games! I hope that changes soon, but until then, the best I can do is keep y’all informed with newsiness, so here goes! :)

Next up, we have two deals today. First, GOG’s daily sale is Ring Runner for $4.99, which is a steal for how much content this game has and how fun the gameplay is (yes, I’m still working on the review ;). The other deal is that the latest Humble Bundle has launched, and for currently a little less than $5, you can get FTL and several other, non-spacey games.

Finally, I thought this was funny. One of the websites I follow is, and when they had an announcement on a new DVD set for a show called Space Rangers, I totally did a triple-take. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the much-beloved Russian game of the same name, but it looks interesting nonetheless.

That’s it for today folks! Have an awesome one!

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Spacey Gamey News and Deals 8/10/13-9/3/13: A News Post So Big I Hope It Doesn’t Break the Site…

Help Me Puppy! I'm Burred in News!

Help Me Puppy! I’m Burred in News!

Holy crap, newsiness! It’s been a while since I posted some of this stuff, but DAAAAAYUM has life been crazy. Work has been INSANE, home life has been busy and I had a weird slightly-depressive funk I had to work my way through (nothing bad, just turning 40 stuff mostly), but things are balancing out again, which means it’s time for NEWS, and hooooooly crap is there a ton (over 180 items). Several weeks worth of stuff from all over the map (so much so that this post will likely be written over a mult-day period). This post will be so damned big I’ll have to put it behind a cut just to help make the front page look sane, so here goes…
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Spacey Gamey Newsies and Dealsies 8/3-7/13: The Feeling-Damned-Lazy Edition

News and Coffee

Maybe More Coffee Will Help! Coffeecoffeecoffee…

Hellllooo my friends, and happy hump day! How’ve you all been? On my end, I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been feeling damned unmotivated of late, not sure why. Just a general…malaise, really. I’m pretty happy and motivated most of the damned time, so I’m thinking this is just a slight downward phase in the rollercoaster of life, and will likely pass (soon I hope, because I’m not fond of it). While it’s been keeping me from working on the more serious critical content I need to work on, I figure I at least do the news, you know? So here we go! :)

Next up, deals! has a new SciFi Bundle which inclues the aforementioned Beyond Beyaan for $7 currently. Next up, Green Man Gaming has several bundle deals, such as four packs of EVE Online starter packs. Finally, DotEmu is having their massive Summer sale which includes too many games for me to list here (but you have to keep scrolling down to see ‘em).

Finally, in related news, the Broken Crown folks have released their latest Science Behind the Sci-Fi newsletter, and I was on Jim’s other podcast last night, in which we talked about Space Quest and such. Good times. :)

That’s it for today folks. Thanks for reading!

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Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 7/24/13: Getting-Back-On-The-Horse Edition

C'mere Buddy, I Need to Get Back on You! ;)

C’mere Buddy, I Need to Get Back on You! ;)

Hellllloooooooooo my beloved friends, how are you? I hope y’all are having an excellent hump day so far. On my end, I’ve not played much lately, but I did see Pacific Rim again last night, which was awesomely exhausting. If y’all haven’t seen it, you NEED to, especially on as big as screen as possible. We’re not here to talk movies, though (unless it’s Pacific Rim talk, then CHAT AWAY), but videyagames, so let’s get to it!

  • Atari Properties – The big news on the minds of spacey gamers is where Atari’s various properties have landed. According to these court documents (thanks Goomich!), Wargaming is the new owner of the Master of Orion IP, while Stardock now owns the Star Control IP. You can read more on The Escapist and IncGamers about the Star Control acquisition, and there’s a post from Stardock’s Brad Wardell about the acquisition. Thanks to Blues for the links. I’m honestly not entirely sure how to feel about this news, but it’s too early to decide whether this is a good or bad thing. Stardock has said they want to start work on a Star Control reboot this year, but will it be the same? I mean, we already have the Ur-Quan Masters after all. I guess we’ll see what happens in time. What do you guys think?
  • Homeworld – Over on Polygon, the Gearbox folks go into detail on how they aquired the Homeworld IP from THQ in their bankruptcy auctions.
  • Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – Last week I went to Slitherine and Matrix Games’ presentation at Historicon, which included a lot of info about this game. I’ll be writing my own report soon, but they’ve also posted their presentation as well, along with a video from Buzz Aldrin himself, who sadly had to cancel his appearance at the event. Lots of good stuff in there.
  • Ring Runner – IGN has released a Let’s Try video of them playing the game, which I’ll also embed below. I’m currently working on a review of this one, so stay tuned.
  • Star Citizen – There’s a new galactic guide to Hurston Dynamics to add some more in-universe flavor.
  • Vendetta Online – There’s a new version of the game that adds high-res planets, procedural nebula backgrounds and more. They also have added Oculus Rift support to the game.
  • Beyond Beyaan – There’s a new blog post detailing some new demo races and more race information in the game for y’all to read.
  • Galactose – You can now read about cruiser parts and debris in their latest blog post.
  • Star Conflict – A new update entitled “New Frontiers” adds T5 level ships, new hangers and a new PvE mission.
  • AI War – The latest update, entitled “More Dirty Tricks“, allows you to play some new tricks on the AI.
  • Star Trek Online – There are two new entries in their Legacy of Romulus series, and they’ve also had visits from Massively and Priority One.
  • Endless Space – The folks over at CheatMasters have a review of the Disharmony expansion pack, which I say with no further comment. ;)
  • Deep Space Settlement – There’s a new video of a station tower in the game which I’m posting only because I wanna stop being nagged about it. ;) (Not really, it looks cool, but still…) I’ll also embed the video below.

In deals, there’s another bundle to tell ya about, the Summertide Bundle from Indie Gala which includes the fantastic Space Pirates and Zombies and a ton of other games for $6.42 currently, which is a steal people.

Finally, in related news, the folks at Camel 101 — who made the fun, if flawed Gemini Wars — are making a new tactical combat game called Black Talons, and sent over a teaser trailer for y’all to check out.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great one! :)

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