Spacey Game News and Deals 2/28-3/1/13: WEEEEEKEND YEAHHHHHHHH *guitar riff*

By | 03/01/2013
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Hey y’all, happy Friday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, but this week has been CRAAAAAAAAAZY. I’ve barely even had time to PLAY anything, let alone anything else. Ah well, it happens, but the weekend is here, which won’t leave much time for gaming for ME (goin’ out of down for a day or two), but I hope it does for you folks. ;) There’s a buncha newsy stuff since I missed yesterday, so let’s dive into it!

Moving onto deals, we have one today. Armada 2526 Gold Edition has made its way on Steam, and is on sale at 15% off for $16.99. Wait wait, there’s one more deal, it’s Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition for $4.99 on Gamestop.

Next, in kinda related news, there are some lovely new models over on SolCommand, and gorgeous art of a docked ship by Jamie Jones on the Concept Ships blog.

Finally, this isn’t related at all, but the developer of the scary looking FPS Ghostship asked for help in promoting his game, and considering this cool looking game was made by one guy, how could I say no, so there ya go. :)

That’s it folks! I hope you have an excellent day and a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals 2/28-3/1/13: WEEEEEKEND YEAHHHHHHHH *guitar riff*

  1. Mathias

    Just wanted to confirm, that the shipyard is indeed for DSS. Pretty much everything I post on twitter i :) To elaborate, it’s the highpoly mesh, that is used to transfer surface information and detail over to the normalmap of the lowpoly(in-game) model.

    1. Brian RubinBrian Rubin Post author

      Man, get a dang website or some such, not this yfrog BS…;)

  2. Mathias

    I have a website, but I treat twitter as my DSS devblog, as stated in the description :)

    1. Brian RubinBrian Rubin Post author

      *grumble pain in the ass kids with their twitters and their bookfaces grumble* ;)


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