SGJ Podcast #18: Eating Up Galactose (and Other Sweet Stuff)

By | 06/21/2013


Haaaaaaaaaaay guys, welcome to the latest edition of the Space Game Junkie podcast. This week Jim and I sit down to talk to some of the folks behind the sweet space shooter Galactose. Specifically programmers John O’Meara and David Wikman, music composer Matthew Pablo and artist Mignon Kramp. It sets the record for most guests on one of our podcasts! ;) The discussion talks about the game, but as always veers all over the place (which, honestly, should kinda be expected by now). ;) We hope y’all enjoy it. :)

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Episode #18 Show Notes:

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2 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #18: Eating Up Galactose (and Other Sweet Stuff)

  1. Nes Anderson

    The problem with EVE is that the game was designed originally by player killers in another game. Not just playerkillers though, asshole playerkillers :P
    And thus their damn game echos that style.

    1. Brian Rubin Post author

      Hahahahah, totally makes sense.


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