Off-Topic: Moving Slowly, New Obsession

Driver: San Francisco is Freaking Amazing!

This has consumed my soul...

So Christmas has come and gone, and it was awesome on my end. I got some blu-rays (Rome: The Complete Series and the Back to the Future trilogy), an anime DVD (Cowboy Bebop, which I’m told is a lot like Firefly) and some gift cards. The gift I’m here to talk about today, however, is a video game, one that surprisingly doesn’t have spaceships. My awesome girlfriend paid attention throughout the last few months, and got me the game I wanted most, Driver: San Francisco. This game is amazing in every sense of the word, and it’s totally consumed me. (You can check out reviews here, here and here to see why)

So while I should be getting to the next game on my review list, I just wanted to let y’all know that…my reviews might be delayed for a spell. This game has gotten under my skin, and until that stops, I doubt I’ll have any desire to play anything else, and I wanted to be honest and give y’all a heads up. I’ll keep posting news and such, however, but it might be an extra week or two before I get to reviews while I work Driver out of my system. Thanks for visiting and reading, and have a great day!


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Happy Holidays from Space Game Junkie!

Happy Spacey Holidays! Image Courtesy of NASA.

Happy Spacey Holidays!

I personally don’t care whether one believes in Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia or whatever else. ;) What I DO care about is whether one believes in space games, whether it’s managing an interstellar empire or piloting a one-manned space fighter. ;) I’d therefore like to wish everyone the happiest of spacey, holiday seasons, with lots of lasers going “pew pew” and lots of enemy ships going “boom boom”. :) May it be a safe, joyous and memorable season for you all, and may you crush your spacefaring enemies under your boot. ;)


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New Space Game Launched – Dangerous

Approaching what I'm guessing is a jumpgate.

Spaceship go down the hooooole...

I got an email this morning from one of the programmers at Binary Helix, a small indie studio that just launched their first space game, Dangerous. This game — besides being available for the PC, of course — is also available for iOS devices. According to the website, the game features simplistic EVE Online-style combat in a sandbox universe with over 20 ships to fly, varied mission types, over 30 solar systems and even a romance element.

It looks neat, and I’m adding it to my review queue — which seems to be getting longer and longer — so I’ll have more on this game within the next few weeks. In the meantime, click below for a trailer and more screenshots. Enjoy!

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Steam Holiday Sale = Cheap Spacey Game Goodness!

Steam Logo

Steam Holiday Sale Season's Greetings!

Steam is having its massive Holiday Sale, and many of the games I mentioned in my buying guide are on sale, including:

So if you don’t own any of these, get ‘em while they’re hot and cheap! Enjoy!


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Arvoch Alliance – Dead Again…and Again…and Again…and One More Time…

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Arvoch Alliance Review

Once Again, This Happened

I saw this screen a lot...

At the end of the last article covering Arvoch Alliance, Lieutenant Veloxi kept dying repeatedly during the forth mission, entitled “Springing the Trap”. Read on to find out how I got passed that mission, and why the remainder of my six hours with the game reminded me of an old Dane Cook bit. Don’t worry, it was back when he was funny.

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Hardwar On Sale

Hardwar CD Cover

One of the greatest games ever for $3!

I’m not sure if y’all are aware of my love for Hardwar, the futuristic flying, trading and combat game that takes place on Titan, but even though the ships aren’t necessarily in space, I count it among my favorite of spacey games.

That being said, DotEmu — the only place where you can currently get Hardwar through digital distribution — is having a sale wherein you can get this damned fantastic game for only $2.99. If you’ve not played this amazing game, get it now. You can thank me later. :)


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