New Space Game Launched – Dangerous

Approaching what I'm guessing is a jumpgate.
Spaceship go down the hooooole...

I got an email this morning from one of the programmers at Binary Helix, a small indie studio that just launched their first space game, Dangerous. This game — besides being available for the PC, of course — is also available for iOS devices. According to the website, the game features simplistic EVE Online-style combat in a sandbox universe with over 20 ships to fly, varied mission types, over 30 solar systems and even a romance element.

It looks neat, and I’m adding it to my review queue — which seems to be getting longer and longer — so I’ll have more on this game within the next few weeks. In the meantime, click below for a trailer and more screenshots. Enjoy!


Author: Brian Rubin

7 thoughts on “New Space Game Launched – Dangerous

  1. Looks interesting, might give me that eve fix that I crave sometimes =). Wonder when it will be released for android as mentioned on their page.

    1. I dunno. What I am concerned with is, if this game was made also for iOS, how does that kind of interface translate to the PC and Mac? I'll have to give it a go tonight or tomorrow and find out.

  2. We have the Android port ready to go (plays great on my HP Touchpad running Android and HTC EVO 3D), but have to deal with an annoying Android Market restriction on the size of the game. Our game is 110 MB, but Android Market limits you to 50 MB (and some phones can only handle 30 MB). There is a technique where you use a preloader app that downloads the rest of the game. So hopefully in the new few days, we'll have it on the Android Market.

    There are a couple of UI configurations which can be changed inside stations/system/options. We're looking to add maybe another one, and ultimately, would like to give the player the option to drag UI elements around to their liking. As it stands, most PC players will likely use a combination of mouse and keyboard.

    Also, some good news: we created demo versions for PC and Mac on our website. Only the ability to spend XP is disabled. Saving/loading still works, and if you upgrade to the full game, you'll be able to spend the XP you earned in the demo version.

    Looking forward to Brian's review.

    1. Oohhhh, awesome! Good luck! I'll be reviewing the PC version, of course. :)

      1. -_- if only this game was

        but i played a little of the game last night it was cool…It wasnt user friendly but im getting use to it..

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