New Space Game: The Wreckless

The Wreckless Logo
Oohhhh. spacey...

Thanks to scharmers over on Quarter to Three for pointing out an article on Rock, Paper Shotgun in which they talk about a new space game called The Wreckless. According to the website, the gameplay is reminiscent of “old school” space sims like TIE Fighter, but uses a FPS-like WASD control scheme, which sounds like Freelancer  to me (and that’s not a bad thing). I’ll add this to my review queue and let you know my thoughts in a little bit.


  1. In today's world of no decent quality/price joysticks that I've run across, a space combat game with Freelancer-style controls would be reasonably welcomed if it's good enough otherwise. Though I'd still rather a game that justifies me finally taking the plunge on a solid joystick. :)

    1. You'll get no argument with me. I think Freespace is probably the one space "sim" — I think of it more as an RPG, but still — that got mouse controls right.

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