The Best and Worst Space Fighters

I’ll admit, right off the bat, that this was a tough article to write. I’ve played many, many space combat sims in my day, and through research and my own memory I strained to find fighters that actually stuck out in my mind. Sadly, while I’ve enjoyed flying around in fighters in many of the […]

EVE Online: Incarna 1.1 to Launch on 9/1

According to a new dev blog over on the official EVE Online website, they’ll be launching a 1.1 update to their latest expansion pack, Incarna. This update will include features such as “elimination of the session change timer while switching ships in station, updates to the Macintosh client and customizable API keys” and more.

Star Sonata 2 Taking Beta Requests

On the Star Sonata 2 website, you can now enter your email in order to request entry to their upcoming beta testing phase of this space trading game, which according to the site, will begin on September 10th. There are said to be many improvements over the original Star Sonata — which I admit I never […]

Want a Beta Key for Star Supremacy?

The folks behind the upcoming browser based 4x game Star Supremacy have been pretty generous with my site here, first sharing a bunch of screenshots and then giving me all these fun articles to share. Well now, they’ve given me 500 beta keys to give away to y’all to try the game, which won’t be released […]