Really Big Sky – A Shooter Made with Love and Lasers

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8 Responses

  1. Wi111 says:

    you should check out Beat Hazard is you like bigsky, Beat Hazard may not be a space game but it play kinda of like Bigsky

  2. Igor says:

    I LOVE the game, but even though i know how to use the drill, i ALWAYS crash in the planets :S is it a bug or sth? Can’t find any help anywhere regarding this..the ship is spinning (i hold down the right button), but it always crashes in the planet.. :((

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog, Igor! Now, IIRC, the drill took a while for me to get used to as well because it’s REALLY small. There’s basically a little tiny triangle that’s the drill, and the RMB moves it to the front, it’s just really hard to see. Combine this with the planets REALLY coming up fast makes it a bit of a challenge. It’s worth it though, as planets have a lot of +1 modifiers in there.

      Now I wanna play the game again. I love it too. ;)

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