New Gemini Wars Video Released

A big battle in Gemini Wars.
Whole lotta shootin' goin' on...

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has word that a new video for the upcoming space strategy game, Gemini Wars, has been released. This time one of the devs shows us how the game plays. Take a look:

I like it! It still needs work, obviously (camera movement seems a bit jerky, and animations don’t seem anywhere near final), but it looks pretty visceral and satisfying. I’ll keep you updates as more info on the game comes out.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “New Gemini Wars Video Released

  1. I really do hope they smooth out the camera and I'm surprised they're showing the game with the current explosions they have as they're pretty horrendous at this point.

    1. I honestly don't mind, as it shows a level of confidence and transparency in their development…at least I hope that's what it's showing. ;) I do hope those issues do get cleaned up before released. :)

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