Space Pirates and Zombies Interview at RTSGuru

SPAZ is getting people talking. Like the devs.

The folks over at RTSGuru have conducted an interview with the developers of Space Pirates and Zombies, and it’s a pretty good read. Here’s a clip:

RTSGURU: Tell us a little bit about how the idea for Space Pirates and Zombies came about?

BOTH: After we left our jobs and started MinMax Games, there was no doubt we wanted to make an epic 2D space shooter. We are both big fans of old school games like Star Control 2, Master of Orion, Mechwarrior II, and we found that companies just don’t make those kinds of games any more, so instead of waiting for something that may never come; we came up with a fusion of the ideas and just built the thing ourselves. We made the game we wanted to play, hoping others out there would feel the same way. It was a huge risk to try to appeal to a crowd we didn’t even know existed anymore, but so far it seems like there is indeed a market for deeper old school titles with a few sharp edges like SPAZ.

You can head over to RTSGuru for the entire interview. Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

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