Still Tweaking with Stuff…

Still fixing stuff!
Please pardon our dust!

So you might have noticed I’ve been tweaking with some things, such as how images are displayed, the featured articles thingy, and so on. I’m not only having a blast tweaking this site with WordPress plugins and such, but I want to make it as user-friendly as possible, so please don’t mind while I play with things every now and then, it’s all to make it a better experience for you, my wonderful visitor. :) If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Still Tweaking with Stuff…

  1. Love the site Brian. Just one suggestion. If I understand the "About" page, you'll be playing games in chronological order? I love old space games, but that might be less interesting than mixing up some new and old games?


    1. Oh yeah, new space games are still being released, so I'll be doing reviews and previews of them as they arrive, if that makes sense. :-)

  2. Got to say Brian, you're doing a great job with this site. I've been pinning for a good Space Sim site that stays current for years.

    Look forward to seeing the results of all your tweaking… :-)

    1. Yay, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :) I'm having so much fun with it it's silly. :)

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