Soldak Blogs about The Environment of Space

Pretty space scene...
See all of those things? Any one of them could KILL you...

Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment just sent me an email saying he has a new blog up about his upcoming, untitled space game which talks about the environment of space — including asteroids, stars, planets and people —  that can all have an effect on the gameplay. Here’s a clip:

This time we going to talk a little about the environment. Even the environment itself will be extremely dynamic and create a cool setting for the game. In space there are a lot of things that make up the environment: stars, planets, asteroids/comets, and people on the planets. All of these things kind of have a life of their own. They don’t just statically sit there. Things happen, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

You can read the entire blog post here. I know I, for one, am DAMNED excited about how awesomely deep this game is shaping up to be, and I can’t WAIT to be able to play it. I’ll keep you posted as more comes to light on this intriguing game.

Author: Brian Rubin

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