Monthly Archives: August 2012

Steam Greenlight Launches with Plenty of Space Games to Vote On!

Edit 2: Hey guys, sorry about the edit, but in an effort to keep this as simple as possible (thanks Bryan for the idea), I’ve created collections for all the space games I find on Steam Greenlight. There’s an all-inclusive list which has every space game I can find, and a recommended list covering games I… Read More »

Armada Online Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now y’all should know about my insane love for Armada on the Dreamcast, as it’s truly a remarkable space-based action RPG that I still play to this day. Several years ago, the folks behind Armada launched the PC-based follow-up, Armada Online, and I jumped in to play as soon as I could. At the time, however, it… Read More »

Lunar Flight only $2.50 on Steam Today

Today’s Steam Daily Deal is the fantastic Lunar Flight for a measly $2.50. If you have even the remotest interest in this sort of spacey game, this is an absolute steal. Get it now while the getting’s good, and enjoy! :)

Off-Topic: Almost Back in the Saddle Again

Hey y’all, how are ya? I’m writing because I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again after a month or so of CRAZINESS including moving my girlfriend in, switching roles at work and so on. The unpacking and rearranging at home is nearly complete — I need to buy a new desk — and I’ve… Read More »