Happy Birthday Space Game Junkie!!!!!

Birthday Celebration
Celebrate Good Times, Come On! ;)

A little over a year ago, over on Quarter to Three, I was introduced to a blog entitled The CRPG Addict, wherein the owner vowed to play every CPRG ever made. I thought the idea behind the blog was wonderful, and wondered aloud…what it would be like if I did the same thing with space games? Well, it was the awesome Marcin who emphatically said “DO IT”, and so the idea for Space Game Junkie was born.

After spending hours researching all the computer-based space games ever made, figuring out what the shape and format of the blog would be like, and trying to get back in the swing of gaming journalism (I’ve done it before) by contacting devs and publicists, I officially launched Space Game Junkie one year ago today, August 15th, 2011. I launched SGJ with a simple review of Space Pirates and Zombies (thanks to the awesome folks at MinMax games), and a hope that people would read and enjoy this thing, and if they didn’t, I would. ;)

At the time I launched the site, I was underemployed, and figured I’d spend all of my time outside of freelance work and job interviews working on the blog. Little did I know that just TWO WEEKS LATER, I’d get not one, but two jobs that began on the same day. I’d like to think that the excitement and confidence gained by starting SGJ had something to do with how I came across in interviews.

Regardless, this first year has been one hell of a ride, and it’s all thanks to you, the awesome community of people who come here regularly, comment on posts (my favorite thing ever), post in the forum, email me about games I missed on my massive list and so on. I have been just…overwhelmed, humbled and overjoyed by the community that’s been forming here, and every time I have to moderate someone’s first comment, I still get a thrill by welcoming them aboard. :)

On the downside, I’ll admit I’ve not gotten as far with actual editorial content as I’d have liked this first year, but then again, I figured I’d have a lot more time. Life has also gotten in the way several times, like just recently during my mini-hiatus. However, I’ve always tried to strike a balance between speed bumps in life and the time I can devote to the blog, and every time I’ve tried to be transparent about any slow periods. It’s always amazed me that y’all said you’d still be here, and I can’t be grateful enough when I see you still are.

This blog truly is a labor of love, and with a balanced life, I hope to have it remain so for many, many years to come. This first year has been an incredible journey, filled with joy and discovery, and I am thrilled beyond measure that you all have been here to share it with me.

I’m rambling a bit, I know, but I’m kind of overcome with emotion. Let me just end by simply saying thank you. Thank you to the visitors that comment and argue with me on my posts. ;) Thank you to the visitors who correct my spelling and grammar, and email me with leads to new games. Thank you to the developers and publishers who give me access to the new games I cover on this blog, access to themselves for interviews, and who keep the industry going. Thank you to all my close friends and especially my wonderful girlfriend Nicole, who’ve all been nothing but supportive of this endeavor from the very beginning.

I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us, and hopefully all the years after that, but I DO know that, with all of the awesome people here as well as those new folks coming in all the time, it’s going to be one hell of a party. :) This site is here to celebrate space gaming, and with your help, we’ll keep the party going for a long time to come. Thank you all again for coming to my beloved blog, and for reading my rambling prose. May you all have as great a day as I’m having. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Space Game Junkie!!!!!

  1. Congratulations Brian, this is a big accomplishment. Barely seems like a year though!

  2. I knew…..something was missing after I reinstalled my PC.
    But now it has returned… my bookmark of this site :D

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