Off-Topic, Kinda: Amazing Starships Video

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10 Responses

  1. zircher says:

    Ok, that was a freaking hoot and a half. Thanks for posting. For those that are curious about the music and the original video, check out Nicki Minaj and Starships on You Tube. ( )

    Oh, and the comma should be outside the quotes. :-)


  2. Thade780 says:

    I’m sorry, but I think that the “music” is crap. We are talking about spaceships, not toys, we need something epic!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      I dunno if I’d like this song on its own, but that’s not the point, it’s the amazing editing, so let’s enjoy that. ;-)

    • Hugin says:

      Keep in mind this was originally created for the video wall of a dance party at a convention. It’s supposed to be a fun geeky video you can dance to, not the ultimate epic treatise on space opera.

  3. jesspffft says:

    That was fun… ima do it again *presses replay*

  4. jesspffft says:

    Wait. Which clip is from Dune?

  5. Psycho Society says:

    Got a big fat grin out of me. As for the song, better starships than a G6.

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