GOG Adds Goodies to Wing Commander Games

A screenshot of Wing Commander 2, now only $5.99 at GoG!
New WC Goodies!!

One of the reasons I love GOG so much — besides their awesome prices, lack of DLC and games that mostly work on newer hardware — are the goodies. Soundtracks, wallpapers, icons, etc etc. Well, I just noticed they added a couple of goodies to two of their Wing Commander titles, Wing Commander 1+2 and Wing Commander: Privateer. This includes a “Wing Commander product proposal” and a “playtester’s guide” respectfully. These updates are easy to miss, so I wanted to mention ’em in case you didn’t see ’em. Enjoy!

Also, if you don’t own these, what is wrong with you? ;) Get ’em and play some of the most iconic games in all of space gaming. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “GOG Adds Goodies to Wing Commander Games

  1. Need to resist the urge to buy three copies of Privateer with Righteous Fire. Three in case two of them don’t work. /s

      1. Sadly these don’t come with Righteous Fire. I’m kinda fine with that, since they TOOK MY FUCKING ALIEN GUN! Er…I mean…yeah…

    1. Welcome to the blog, Hans, and while I can’t personally agree with you (I hated, HATED Privateer 2), that would indeed need to be added if they’re to have the entire collection, which also should include Armada and Academy. ;)

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