Off-Topic: Almost Back in the Saddle Again

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4 Responses

  1. garion333 says:

    Oh good god those 2 series Nvidia cards are hot and use a ton of power. The 295 is basically two GPUs so I imagine it’s hot as hell in your pc. Anyway, glad you got to do an upgrade and things are getting more on track.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, and the sad thing is I had to remove a case fan to have it all fit, as the CPU cooler is HUGE.

      • Lulloser says:

        Is the CPU overclocked? When not you dont need such a big cooler. Smaller one does work too.
        Then you have more space for more case fans, they are essential. No air flow is deadly :D you should have one in the back at least (Pushing air outside). Better one more in the roof (outflow too) and and one in the front for new air. ;)

        • Brian Rubin says:

          I still have two case fans in the back, one on top and one in the front, so hopefully that’ll be enough. The CPU, as far as I know, isn’t overclocked. I’m tempted to put the old 5850 back in, but I wanna try this config under a stress test with a game or two for a few hours each to see how she fares. I’m only planning on keeping this rig for maybe a year.

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