Off-Topic: The Move is Done!

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Yup, This Pretty Much Mirrors How I Feel

So yesterday, after eight hours of craziness, my girlfriend is now finally moved in! Yay! I am completely exhausted and sore all over, but it was worth it. Why am I telling you this? Because now, with this mostly behind me, I should soon be able to soon resume my duties of updating this blog regular like. ;) I took today off, so I’m gonna work on some Q&As I have to send out today, for example, and work on some article stuffness as well.

So please stay tuned for more original content to come your way. I thank y’all again for your patience during this slow time, but things should be back to normal soon. :) Have an awesome day y’all! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Off-Topic: The Move is Done!

  1. Glad you’ve got that done!

    For your next assignment find out what’s going on at EndGames’ Squad War forum. All the recent posters are posting what looks like Russian or something. Nothing new in a while and none of it in English.

    1. Been a hell of a long time since I looked in on the ENDGames site. I think I’m overdue from the sound of things. And if I find things are as you say, Bill (how are you man?!), possibly a query to Scorch is in order to see what news he can share publicly.

    2. Mm, took a quick look, but that all looks like spam more than real comments. Some of it is the same, all of it has links, and many of the links have the term “futbol” in them. I’d say the problem looks like the ENDGuys aren’t keeping the forum tidy, which is worrisome for a different reason.

      I’d consider volunteering to help them with housekeeping, on the basis of longstanding relationships, but frankly I’m not spending enough time maintaining my own game company site these days. I need to be finishing some simple products and getting them to market if I’m ever going to fund the more sophisticated space games I personally would prefer to be making. That’s hard to do while I’m working a contract job full-time.

  2. Congrats on the move-in, but if you think that you’re going to have more time to spend on the blog or games now that you have a live-in companion, you’re likely to discover you are sorely mistaken. Sorry to burst your bubble, man. You’re going to have other things placed on your daily schedule. I speak from the experience of 18 years of marriage.

    1. Oh, we’ve already discussed it in depth well before the move in. She knows how important this blog is to me, and she knows how important gaming is to me, so I’ll spend a few nights working on this and other nights with her. She also has an active schedule teaching violin and such, so we’ll have alone time. :) I’m not too worried about it, thanks though. :)

  3. Istvan: Your “own game company’????? Tell us more! I loved your work on JG and would be seriously interested in anything you are doing.

    I’m playing Distant Worlds right now which is a MAJOR new direction for me. Very challenging from someone of my gaming background. As challenging as it is, I miss the community interaction of a MMORPG.

    Also Brian, how about checking up on the folks at Border Space while you are at it. The address I had for them ( gets a ‘could not find’ response.I PM’d Ambrosius and his response was ‘it works for me’ so I don’t know what’s going on.

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