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Hi There!

Hey guys and gals, how y’all doin’? I’m finding myself in a short lull of my insane workload, so I thought I’d chime in, say hello, and let y’all know that I’m still alive and in the midst of a perfect storm of a heavy workload and moving.

I’m still adjusting to my increased workload brought upon by my new role here at work, and am LOVING it, but it’s exhausting. I’ll get used to it soon enough though. It’s at least 5X the amount of work of my previous position, but it’s soooo much more satisfying.

The move part of the craziness is happening in just over a week, and while we’ve been slowly bringing stuff over to my (now our) place, there’s still a ton to do. We have to get rid of my couch to make room for a newer, smaller one, for example, plus still figure out just where everything is going. It’s gonna be grueling, but it’ll be worth it in the end. :)

To keep sane, I’m playing a video game or two here and there, but surpisingly not space games. Much of my time has been taken up with Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga and inFamous 2, which are really fun and visceral diversions, and just what I’ve been needing of late. It’s not that I’m tired or burnt out on space games, just in the mood for something different during my downtime lately is all. :)

I am really hoping that things settle down by the end of the month so I can resume normal posting on this (almost year old, OMG!) beloved blog of mine. I wanna thank you all for your patience during this fairly slow period. I hate having to put the blog on the sidelines for now, but it just has to be done. :/

So how are you guys doing, and what’cha all been up to? I hope you all are well, and that life is treating you splendidly. Talk to y’all soon!

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13 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Coming Up for Air

  1. It is good to get signs of life, even if we see you in other forums. Probably healthy to take a break from space sims now and then. Man cannot live on space sims alone, that’s from the old testament. Of some alien text, I imagine.

    As for me, I’m playing the most random crap. At the moment, I am simultaneously playing Binary Domain on the 360, Puzzle agent 2 and the Darkness 2 on PC, and various iOS mini games. I will never get in front of my backlog, so I just try to enjoy the feeling of encroaching doom as it slowly drowns me.

  2. Well thanks to your reviews I bought a new computer and have been playing Distant Worlds Legend for a week now. Still getting my butt kicked and having trouble getting used to the game controls.

    A word of warning to you. No matter if it’s ‘living together’ or married, once the two of you occupy the same space on a permanent basis you will learn things about your partner you never suspected.Some will be wonderful. Some less so. Before we were married (after dating for five years and a one year engagement) we were walking through a store and she said “We need to buy air filters”. “Why” I asked. “Well, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke”. I nearly fell to the floor. I’ve been smoking around her all this time and never a word or even a hint she had a problem then “WHAM!”. After we were married, she insisted on sleeping with the window open. I had never done that since childhood and in all the times we’d spent the night together, she’d never indicated it was a problem.

    So buckle your belt, you’re in for some surprises in the coming weeks/months. I wish you both well with it.

  3. For me it’s the other way round. I’m all into space games lately. So I pre-ordered Miner Wars earlier this week and the new Star Lords just today, which won’t start right now. Well, then I’m gonna play some Drox Operative instead :D

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated, and welcome to the blog William and nes! :) William, thanks also for your advice. She’s basically been living here half a week each week since we began dating two years ago, so we’ve a pretty good idea how things will be (though the’s girlifying the place more and more each day). ;)

    1. I’ve been here for a while :P we communicated a week or two ago via email about post notifications even!

      1. Oohhh, okay, hi there then! :) Sorry I’ve not had time to look into that. That was your first comment here though, so I always say welcome when someone comments for the first time. :)

  5. i have taken a break from space sims myself. right now i’m playing Dragon’s Dogma on 360. just started it but it’s very fun so far.

    Infamous 2 is a sweet ass game btw. i’ve beaten it twice and now have the ability to buy both good and bad powers. I just got it again with that sweet ps plus deal they got going now. 12 free games!!! And i read they are giving away the first 2 ep’s. of The Walking Dead game this month. Been wanting to give that a try.

    So…you not play Drox Operative anymore?

        1. Right now inFamous 2 is calling my name. Also, part of me feels guilty if I play space games while not updating as much as I’d like, you know? Like I wanna save it for when I have more time to dedicate to the blog.

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