Get Games Has Some Spacey Game Deals

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Still the Best Graphic for the Job…

Hey folks, I’m swaaaaamped here, but I wanted to let y’all know that Get Games has some deals involving spacey games.

First, they have a Get Loaded deal wherein you can choose five games from a selection twenty games for $8, and these include:

  • Lunar Flight
  • Unstoppable Gorg
  • and Stellar Impact

Then, they have a selection of Extra Terrestrial Deals, which includes:

If someone were to ask me what the best deal there is, I’d say the Get Loaded bundle if it included Lunar Flight and Unstoppable Gorg at least. Happy savings!! :)


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Spacey Deals to Start Your Weekend

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Go! Buy! Save!

Hey kids, there are some deals going on this weekend I wanted to let y’all know about while I have a little time to breathe. ;) These are:

Now, if someone held a gun to my head and told me to buy only one thing here, it’d be Zigfrak, from ShinyLoot, easily. Fantastic deal for the price, and you’d be silly not to snag it if you haven’t already. :) Weird Worlds would likely be next on the list, if the person with the gun let me choose. ;) Have a good one folks, and happy saving!


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Spacey Game Sales Underway!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Save Your Moneys!

Hey guys! I’m still chipping away at that massive news post I keep promising with now about three weeks of news (around 150 items currently) backlogged, but some sales hit today that I wanted to make y’all aware of. First, Amazon is having a massive Last Summer Deals sale which includes some spacey goodness such as:

Steam is also having an unexpected sale, this time to celebrate one year of Steam Greenlight. Spacey game deals include:

If someone was to ask me what the best deals here were, I’d say X3: Gold in the Amazon sale (since it also includes Alnion Prelude, which is pretty decent) and Ring Runner. On Steam, though there’s not much of a game there yet, Kinetic Void has a ton of potential, so it’s a small price to pay for what hopefully will be a great game. Enjoy!

Edit: This just dropped as I wrote this post, but there’s a massive Paradox Humble Weekly Bundle that, white at its base doesn’t include any space games, if you pay $125 you get nearly fifty Paradox games which includes Sword of the Stars II. I’ll likely get the smaller bundle just for the soundtracks alone my own self, but wow, overall that’s a damned fine deal.


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Spacey Game News and Deals 5/18-23/13: The OMG-I-Am-Never-Going-That-Long-Without-Posting-News-Ever-Again (Hopefully) Edition

Drowning in News

Drowning Under the Tide of News…

Hellloooooo everyone, and happy Friday! This was a really nutty week for me, hence the lack of news until today! I’ve got a WEEK’S worth of stuff to get through, so let’s DO THIS! ;)

(Sorry if the news pieces appear a bit disjointed, I had to go through between seventy to eighty news pieces out of order ;)

OH MY GOD that was a lot. But wait, we also have DEALS! Besides the two mentioned yesterday, we also have the following:

FINALLY, we’re done. That took FOREVER to put together, but I love y’all, so y’all are worth it. ;) Have a great weekend!

Videos Right This Way!


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Spacey Game News and Deals 3/2-6/13: OMG I’M SO BEHIND AAHHH

Drowning in News

Glug Glug SO MUCH NEWS Glug

Hey folks, happy Wednesday! Sorry for the severe delay in, well, nearly everything, but I’ve had a HELLUVA week. I was out of town most of the weekend and had to put in several extra hours at work so I could take some time off today, but it’s all for a good reason. ;) Now I’m back in town and kinda rested up, and there’s a TON of news to go through, so let’s get to it…

And you thought we were done?! HAH! We still have some deals to go over! These include:

ALMOST THERE. You can now but an unofficial Serenity LEGO set, which looks amazing. FINALLY, there’s an amazing article by John Shafer about how diplomacy works in his 4X game that I’d LOVE to see adapted to space 4X games.

THAT’S it. I need a drink. Or several. *collapse*

This Way for a BOATLOAD if Videos…


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Spacey Game News and Deals 2/28-3/1/13: WEEEEEKEND YEAHHHHHHHH *guitar riff*

Drink In the News...

Insert Serious Newsy Music Here

Hey y’all, happy Friday! Sorry about the lack of news yesterday, but this week has been CRAAAAAAAAAZY. I’ve barely even had time to PLAY anything, let alone anything else. Ah well, it happens, but the weekend is here, which won’t leave much time for gaming for ME (goin’ out of down for a day or two), but I hope it does for you folks. ;) There’s a buncha newsy stuff since I missed yesterday, so let’s dive into it!

Moving onto deals, we have one today. Armada 2526 Gold Edition has made its way on Steam, and is on sale at 15% off for $16.99. Wait wait, there’s one more deal, it’s Sword of the Stars 2: Enhanced Edition for $4.99 on Gamestop.

Next, in kinda related news, there are some lovely new models over on SolCommand, and gorgeous art of a docked ship by Jamie Jones on the Concept Ships blog.

Finally, this isn’t related at all, but the developer of the scary looking FPS Ghostship asked for help in promoting his game, and considering this cool looking game was made by one guy, how could I say no, so there ya go. :)

That’s it folks! I hope you have an excellent day and a wonderful weekend!

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