Steam Greenlight Launches with Plenty of Space Games to Vote On!

Steam Greenlight Logo

Go! Vote! :)

Edit 2: Hey guys, sorry about the edit, but in an effort to keep this as simple as possible (thanks Bryan for the idea), I’ve created collections for all the space games I find on Steam Greenlight. There’s an all-inclusive list which has every space game I can find, and a recommended list covering games I actually have experience with. Hope this helps make Greenlight a bit easier to deal with!

Edit 1: To keep this post from getting too long, I’ve moved new entries to this forum thread, so I encourage folks to head over to the forum and add any to the list not already there. Thanks!

Steam has finally launched Greenlight, their way to let new games onto Steam by having folks vote on them. I’ve gone through the list, and I’ve found a lot of spacey games, including:

These were all the ones I’ve been able to find, at least. If you see more, let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Now go and vote, dangit! ;)



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Black Prophecy Makes Final Approach

Black Prophecy

Bring Her In Boys…

Thanks to Telefrog over on Quarter to Three for this tip. Apparently the space-based MMO Black Prophecy will be shutting down on September 26th, 2012, according to this post. I never got to play much of Black Prophecy my own self, so I have no personal comments on the game itself, but I just hope that everyone affected by this finds new jobs soon, and helps bring us more space gaming goodness.

That’s three spacey MMOs we’ve lost in the last year (this, Jumpgate and Star Wars Galaxies). It’s a shame that fantasy-based MMOs seem to thrive but space based, even sci-fi based games have trouble. They can’t all be EVE Online or try to copy its success, sure, but there has to be some way to launch a successful spacey MMO. Thankfully there is some hope on the horizon, especially in my opinion with BorderSpace. I just hope we see some more space-based MMOs in the future, as, to me, the fantasy schtick gets boring much more quickly than the space stuff (obviously, I’d think). Ah well, enough rambling, have a great day folks, and again good luck to all those affected by this closure.


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Armada Online Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Armada Online Logo

AO is Now on Kickstarter!

Now y’all should know about my insane love for Armada on the Dreamcast, as it’s truly a remarkable space-based action RPG that I still play to this day. Several years ago, the folks behind Armada launched the PC-based follow-up, Armada Online, and I jumped in to play as soon as I could. At the time, however, it felt very, very unfinished, so I decided to take a break from it and come back later when more stuff had been added. That really didn’t happen though, as many games took over my attention, and whenever I’d recall the game and visit the site, it didn’t really look recently updated, so I moved on.

Well, imagine my surprise when LiquidMantis mentioned on Gamers with Jobs that the folks behind AO have now launched a Kickstarter campaign! Even though I got in the beta years ago, I’ll be kicking this some fundage to help ‘em out, as I’m hoping AO captures the excitement and intensity of the original Armada. Head on over and check it out, and kick ‘em something if you like what’cha see. Enjoy!

Edit: OMG. I didn’t see this stretch goal:

$500k—We will release the original Armada (Dreamcast) into the public domain, and rewrite Armada 1 for PC as a free release (using art/animation/ships from AO).  We will try to release it for free on other platforms later, with 4 player coop support on one system.




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Off-Topic: Almost Back in the Saddle Again

Horse and Saddle

Just a Little Bit Longer, Fella…

Hey y’all, how are ya? I’m writing because I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again after a month or so of CRAZINESS including moving my girlfriend in, switching roles at work and so on. The unpacking and rearranging at home is nearly complete — I need to buy a new desk — and I’ve gelled enough in my new position that I don’t feel as overwhelmed or exhausted anymore. YAY!

However, We’ve Come Upon Something of a Hitch…


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GOG Adds Goodies to Wing Commander Games

A screenshot of Wing Commander 2, now only $5.99 at GoG!

New WC Goodies!!

One of the reasons I love GOG so much — besides their awesome prices, lack of DLC and games that mostly work on newer hardware — are the goodies. Soundtracks, wallpapers, icons, etc etc. Well, I just noticed they added a couple of goodies to two of their Wing Commander titles, Wing Commander 1+2 and Wing Commander: Privateer. This includes a “Wing Commander product proposal” and a “playtester’s guide” respectfully. These updates are easy to miss, so I wanted to mention ‘em in case you didn’t see ‘em. Enjoy!

Also, if you don’t own these, what is wrong with you? ;) Get ‘em and play some of the most iconic games in all of space gaming. :)


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