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Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Review/Let’s Play Summary

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series: Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Review

This week’s game was 2006’s Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, and the timing couldn’t be better (and honestly I did NOT plan it this way). Hot on the heels of a massive new patch provided by the new owners of the IP, Nordic Games, this newly updated version now natively supports HD resolutions, has fixed multiplayer […]

OMG Klingon Academy Works Again!!!!!!!

One of my favorite capital ship space sims of all time — in fact it’s in very close running with the Rules of Engagement games — is Star Trek: Klingon Academy. It’s a lovingly detailed cap ship sim that, thanks to its multiple stations and verbal order system, gives you meticulous control over nearly every aspect of […]

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