Let’s Play Klingon Academy – Entry 1 – Unto the Breach

A Glorious Explosion!
A Glorious Explosion!

Welcome to April, 2015’s game of the month, Star Trek: Klingon Academy! This is a favorite game of mine as it’s one of the finest capital ship sims you’ll find this side of Rules of Engagement. This game was made by the same folks who made the first Starfleet Command game, so they know their stuff. In this game, you take on the role of Torlek, a new recruit in the academy, shortly after a civil war in the Empire. This game takes place a couple of years before Star Trek IV, so you meet both General Chang and at-the-time Chief of Staff Gorkon. In this first video, I go both through the tutorial scenarios as well as the first academy scenario, depicting a simulated war with the Federation. This is also the first time I’m playing the game with Force Feedback, which adds an extra challenge. ;) I hope you enjoy this first video, and I thank you for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Let’s Play Klingon Academy – Entry 1 – Unto the Breach

    1. Sadly it’s not available digitally, but in the wiki linked above there are links to Amazon and Ebay for the disk versions.

  1. A bit of a gamble for me as this was VERY crash prone back in the before times even on powerful rigs. In fact, it was far more problematic on kitted out gaming rigs than middle of the road systems. Ay de mi!! If I were a rich man I would give it a go, but …

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