SGJ Podcast #10: Infinite Spaces and Small Worlds

By | 04/24/2013
It All Started Here...

It All Started Here…

No, seriously. ;) This week Jim and I sit down with Iikka Keranen and Rich Carlson of Digital Eel games (who first met while working on Daikatana, no lie), the folks who created the Infinite Space series of Starflight-like roguelikes Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space.  They have a Kickstater underway for their third game in the series, Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars, so we thought we’d bring ’em on and grill them with deep, probing questions about the game. Ultimately, we went all over the place, but we had a fun time, and we hope you will too.

As always, we invite you to leave your comments below and in the forums, and you can find the show notes below. Thanks as always for listening, and have an awesome day!

Podcast #10 Show Notes

Kickstarters Mentioned:

Space Games Mentioned:

Other Games Mentioned:


6 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #10: Infinite Spaces and Small Worlds

    1. Brian Rubin Post author

      Welcome to the blog, nicklemarr, and you’re welcome! :)

  1. D-Man777

    Great podcast, Brian and Jim. Really enjoyed hearing from the Infinite Space developers.

    FYI, it seems that Jim is out of sync for a large part of the podcast.

    Vicodin–that explains a lot. :)

    1. Brian Rubin Post author

      Yeah, I think there was some audio issues. Sorry about that. Glad you enjoyed it though!


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