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Congrats to All The New Spacey Greenlit Games

Yesterday Steam released another batch of Greenlit games, and there are several space games that made this round, including: Blockade Runner Eterium Galactic Princess (which recently began its Kickstarter as well) Interstellaria Congratulations to the developers of these and all of the other games that will now be showing up on Steam! Yay! :)

Spacey News – 11/26/12

Hey y’all, happy Monday, and welcome back to the work week (for those of us with a traditional work week at least). There was a decent bit of news since yesterday’s update, so let’s jump in, shall we? This might be the oddest news I’ve posted here. Apparently the bloke running this Kickstarter campaign wants […]

Spacey Game News and Deals – 11/13/12

Hey y’all, happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone is having a stupendous day today! There’s a good chunka newsiness today, so let’s dive in: In Star Citizen news, Chris Roberts has made a small video for the final push of the Kickstarter campaign, which is kinda cute, and will be embedded below. There’s also a new […]

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