Congrats to All The New Spacey Greenlit Games


Yesterday Steam released another batch of Greenlit games, and there are several space games that made this round, including:

Congratulations to the developers of these and all of the other games that will now be showing up on Steam! Yay! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Congrats to All The New Spacey Greenlit Games

  1. Once again I am caught out by the difference between “greenlit” and “available for purchase”. Searching the Steam store for “Interstellaria” gives me nothing, and “Galactic Princess” gives me Star Wars Pinball. Which is its own special kind of travesty.

    Well, no, actually, I suppose thinking about what Lucasarts delivered in the runup to being bought by The Mouse, it’s a pretty run of the mill travesty.

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