Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/26/17 – Happy God Damned Friday


Welcome to Friday my friends! What a loooooong week, but now it’s time for a long weekend! Here in the States, if you’re unaware, it’s Memorial Day weekend, so many folks (myself included) have Monday off, and I tell ya, the most of it will be made. But first, let’s look at today’s videos. First, the final Endless Space 2 video has me rustling the jimmies of a neighbor, as they didn’t like the placement of one of my colonies. This led to what, I think, is a bug in the form of dozens of diplomatic messages coming in within moments. Hilarious. Overall it’s a fun game, and I’m at least gonna play out this game, but I’m not sure if it’ll hold long-term appeal the way Endless Legend does. In terms of fantasy 4X games, EL feels different, unique, special. In terms of space 4X games, ES2 feels like another also-ran, for the most part. This isn’t a BAD thing, really, it’s just not a great thing.

For SuperCluster: Void, I met a race who loves some cheezy snack that one of the other races used to make, so my deal with them was to get those snacks under production again. It’s batcrap crazy and hilarious and I love it. It’s just the kind of crazy-ass stuff Starflight would have, so I approve. Overall this was such a surprising game, and I can’t wait to play more.

Last night’s Dungeon of the Endless stream was a ton of fun. First Spaz and I did a run, and when Hunter came in, we quit that one and started a new one with the three of us. It was a lot of fun. Very fast, tense and violent, and also impressive. For example, when Spaz’s character died, he was still in the game with us, acquiring resources, and was able to place turrets and power rooms and such. He just didn’t have an avatar in the game that could fight. That’s a FASCINATING way to handle player death, and we loved it. When we found a character to recruit, I selfishly took him over after I too died, and was able to fully play once more. Overall we had a GREAT time with the game.

For this weekend, it’s already begun! Today I spent time making videos of Starpoint Gemini Warlords, which is really, really fantastic. I mean seriously, they outdid themselves on this one, LGM did. I also played a little Everspace today to test it out, and my god it feels even better than the pre-release version felt. I’ll be recording those videos tomorrow, along with The Long Journey Home and, if I have time/energy, Icarus, Nova Drift and Deep Sixed. Speaking of, I just wrote out a Q&A for the devs on that one, so you can expect it next week. Beyond that, I REALLY hope to get some more time in with LOGistICAL this weekend, and maybe some rounds of Titanfall 2. Sunday and Monday will mostly be devoid of gaming since we’re having company and other stuff, but Saturday shall be GLOOOORIOUS. What are you gonna play this weekend?

So not a TON in the way of news and sales but we have a few fun tidbits:

Finally, the only sale worth mentioning is a space-centric sale over on GOG with nearly every space game they have minus the LucasArts and Atari games.

That’s it, have a great weekend y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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