Space Engineers Enters Steam Early Access

There Goes the Ship with the Money I Paid for the Miner Wars MMO...
Yup, It’s a Ship…

Space Engineers, the next game from Keen Software (who you may remember from Miner Wars 2081) has been released unto Steam’s early access program for $14.99. If y’all buy it, let us know what you think it the comments. Enjoy!

Edit: Okay, I have to admit, I approached this release feeling a tad concerned, since the persistent sandbox MMO promised for Miner Wars that many people — including myself — paid for in advance hasn’t seen the light of day. Well, according to this FAQ, development of Space Engineers is intertwined with the development of the MMO, which apparently is still planned for release at some point in the far future. I’m not sure if it makes me feel any less concerned, but at least the issue has been addressed a bit, so I wanted to share that in the interest of full honesty and disclosure on my part.

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Space Engineers Enters Steam Early Access

  1. At this point it’s more of a tech demo but it’s really fun to build and fly ships. I think the game as a lot of potential but if you are looking for a “game” then let this one brew for a little while. It looks like it will end up being a polished Starmade type game with much better physics and graphics.

  2. I agree with Ken. It plays like a tech demo instead of an alpha or a pre-release. I mean at this point in the game all you can do is build ships, fly around and crash into things. Do not get me worng that is fun but some times I want to put on guns to shoot things not to make my ship look pretty. At this point in time I think Pytheas witch is a one man team has a better pre-alpha.

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