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Woooooo! – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/13/17

Heyyyy friends! How are ya? Me, I’m alright, really, really tired and kiiiinda going through a teensy bit of gaming withdrawal. You see I’ve not played anything, at all, since Monday night, and it’s got me allll a’twitchy. Am I addicted? You betcha. Thankfully tonight should be a tad different. Due to a variety of… Read More »

Back from Holiday – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/6/17

Happy Thursday, as I type this on a Wednesday! Why? Because this entry is gonna be god damned huge and take me a while to write, so strap the hell in and get ready, because I have a LOT to talk about, plus a ton of freaking news (like, over thirty pieces, seriously). First off,… Read More »

Spacey Games and Deals – 11/9/12

Hey y’all, happy gorram Friday!!! Let’s get this weekend STAAAAARTEEEEED with some spacey game news and dealsies!!!! LET’S DO THIS: The Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous has finally added some visuals in the form of concept art and a video with David Braben which shows some scant footage of the game behind him. Now, while I… Read More »