Off-Topic: Trying Out New Theme, Whuddya Think?

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Hey y’all, I’ve been playing around with a ton of themes, and even though I’m not a fan of 3-column themes, I kinda like this one I switched back to a serviceable 2-column theme because I thought the 3-column one was too busy. I wanted to know what y’all thought of it though before I settled on it first, so please let me know what’cha think in the comments. Thanks!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Trying Out New Theme, Whuddya Think?

  1. Whoa, this is different. I'll just toss this out there, since you're soliciting opinions: the right half of the screen seems kind of busy to me. Do you feel that you need two separate columns of information? Seems like it squeezes the left-hand main content section, to my mind. But it's not something I can't learn to live with.

    1. I tried to make it only two column, but it didn't work, sadly, as this thing is SOLELY three columns. I don't feel I need two separate columns, honestly.

    2. This two column theme is more my speed, but it doesn't look as…I dunno, slick as the one I prefer, this one is just…serviceable…

  2. Terrible use of estate.
    The right side is overburdened while the actual important stuff, the articles, are crammed in as little room as possible.
    You can’t see the number of comments on articles.
    Tags on the main page are wasted space and attention, and in the case of the snippet articles actively distracting.

    I hate this theme.

    Also, where did you get that picture from? If I may ask. My google fu is whispering “random internet image” in my ear… :P

    1. Are you talking about the 3 column theme I was using or this current 2 column theme.

      1. The three column one. I took so long to submit the comment that by the time I did you already had changed the theme.

        1. Oh, okay, good. Yeah, there were some features I really liked about that one, but the three column bit suuuuuucked.

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