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Steam Holday Sale Has Launched!

The Steam Holiday Sale is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG, and here are all the spacey games I’ve been able to find (which is similar to the Thanksgiving sale in a lot of ways): Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion for $19.99 Galaxy on Fire II HD for $13.99 Star Wolves for $6.49 Star Wolves 2 […]

Spacey Game News and Deals – 11/20/12

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! I hope y’all are having a wonderful week so far! I’ve got a fair bit of news to get through today, so let’s get started. :) It’s funny, Matrix Games’ Erik Rutins has been answering a TON of questions over on their forums about Distant Worlds: Shadows, the latest expansion pack […]

Spacey Snippets – 3-16-12

Heeeeelllo everyone, how y’all been? Me, I’ve been busy, not only with work, but with some articles for here as well, so a lot of news has happened in the interim. I’ve got a ton to go through, so let’s get started: According to Eurogamer, the long, long, long delayed fan-based project, Wing Commander Saga: […]