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Some Spacey Deals to Start Off Your Weekend

Hey kids, just chiming in to let you know of some spacey game sale goodness to help you get through your weekend. :) First off, GamersGate is having a Stardock Space Battle Weekend which includes sales on everything Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire related. Then, IndieGameStand is having a massive weekend sale […]

Spacey Snippets – 3-16-12

Heeeeelllo everyone, how y’all been? Me, I’ve been busy, not only with work, but with some articles for here as well, so a lot of news has happened in the interim. I’ve got a ton to go through, so let’s get started: According to Eurogamer, the long, long, long delayed fan-based project, Wing Commander Saga: […]

Spacey Snippets – 11/2/11

Whilst working on my latest game diaries, stuff happened! Here’s some of it! The folks at EVE Online have been busy. First, they have a new ship to introduce, the Amarr Mentor battlecruiser, as well as info on the winter expansion and some talk of hybrid turrets. Space Sector has a couple new articles, one […]