Month: November 2011

Sales and Such

Hey y’all, I’m swamped at work, but there’s a couple of sales I wanted y’all to know about. First, the latest Indie Royale bundle has launched and is called “The Really Big Bundle“. It includes four games, one of which is the excellent Really Big Sky that you might recall I enjoyed a lot in my […]

Space Games I’m Thankful For

  Tomorrow here in the States is our yearly Thanksgiving holiday, where we give thanks for the special people in our lives and the events that improved our year. While I’m thankful for many things – a wonderful girlfriend, amazing friends, gainful employment, and of course this blog – I thought I’d discuss which space […]

Distant Worlds – Legends Released

The good folks at Matrix Games sent word that that Distant Worlds – Legends has been released, just in time for the long holiday weekend here in the States! To go along with their ongoing sale, you can currently get the expansion for 20% off! Remember though, you’ll also need the base game Distant Worlds and […]

Massive Steam Autumn Sale Underway

Steam is well known for having their seasonal sales, and today begins their massive autumn sale between now and November 27th. There are tons of space games on sale, such as Nexus: The Jupiter Incident for $2.49, Space Rangers: Reboot for $4.99 and many, many others. Way too many to mention here, so go peruse Steam and […]

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