Star Trek: Infinite Space Put on Hold after Gameforge Layoffs

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10 Responses

  1. Pogue Mahone says:

    I am not happy to hear about this, not at all — but why do all Star Trek games lately have to focus on ship-to-ship combat? You can do that with any old license, and it's such a small part of what Star Trek is about. Roddenberry would be whirling in his grave.

  2. Wavinator says:

    While I'm never happy to hear people are losing their jobs I have to confess to a (probably pathological) level of hate for all these game companies that snap up licenses and churn out combat simulators that are just a shadow of what the series represented. I've got no problem with combat simulators per se, but is it really impossible to capture the spirit of what Trek was? I really wish they'd just develop under their own unique IP, say like EVE Online, instead of trying to mine a fanbase (look at the upcoming X-Com game as yet another example of this).

  3. Wavinator says:

    @ Pogue Mahone— hahaha… Wow! Same thought at about the same time!

    I'm sure it's much easier to make ship to ship combat the core because combat in general is a very well understood game interaction with a low barrier to entry. It would be nice to see more focus on diplomacy, alliances, exploration and world building.

  4. Brian Rubin says:

    Hahaha, nice guys!

    Yeah, I too would love to see a Star Trek game that focused more on exploration, diplomacy, research and so on, but sadly we'll likely never get that. Sigh. I also doubt any of these games can do better than Starfleet Command in the combat area.

  5. Pogue Mahone says:

    It wouldn't be a mega blockbuster seller without huge space combat, but I do think a game that stayed true to what Star Trek is could sell. But I agree that we will likely never see such a game.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Sadly yeah. I mean combat should be an ELEMENT of the game, sure, but I'd also love to see more diverse missions in a Star Trek game. I think the closest we got to this was the 25th Anniversary game, or maybe even the old textual adventure games.

  6. Greg Ambrose says:

    Hey dudes, just read a pretty good article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and I thought of this thread, link here:

    Pretty cool, a Trek game with adventure elements! Granted it's a boardgame but we're all equal opportunity geeks here, right?

    • Pogue Mahone says:

      Whoops, posted that with my real name. Sorry if this gets confusing, having all these internet handles.

      • Brian Rubin says:

        Hahaha, no worries. :) Not much into board games though for some reason, unless they link to a pen and paper RPG like Heavy Gear. :)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Actually though, that game looks fucking cool.

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