3 Months In – Thank You

I’ve started several blogs over the years, but none of them really stuck. Either I lost interest, or no one ever seemed to read what I was saying, or I got distracted with some other endeavor, or whatever else.

Well, I launched Space Game Junkie three months ago today, and I’m still as damned thrilled about it as I was when I launched it, which seriously is a feat. Not only that, but traffic and viewership is steadily increasing too.

So thank you, truly and seriously, for visiting, for reading, for commenting and so on. I hope my passion for space games comes through in everything I write, and I’m giddy to be able to share that passion. :) Thanks again, and I hope you keep coming back, because I know I’m gonna keep writing about these games with spaceships in ’em. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

17 thoughts on “3 Months In – Thank You

  1. Been a pretty good three months, and a pretty kickass blog. Keep 'em coming, space cowboy.

    1. Aaww, thanks so much, that totally means a lot. BTW, since I have you here, great job on the Qt3 podcast a little while back, was a really fun listen. :)

  2. Hey thanks! That was a blast. I highly recommend it to anyone considering getting on the list.

  3. Don't give up! At last I've found my source for 4X and space shooters. Better days will come for this genres, I know.

    1. Ditto! This blog has actually made it into my daily news rotation. ;) I only wish I'd realized Brian had started it sooner, I only first stumbled across it from one of his forum posts a few weeks ago.

      But seriously, if there's one person online I've learned to trust will quickly dig into space-based games, it's Brian! :D

  4. Glad to hear your passion for all things spacey is not diminishing. Love reading your experiences and it's a great site for finding out the latest happenings in the space game market. Right on Commander!!!

  5. Congratulations on your blog Brian. It brings me great memories from the space games closet while at the same time you also do a fantastic job keeping everyone informed about new space games. I'm a regular. Keep up the great work! The genre really deserves it.

  6. Wow, thank you guys for the comments, seriously, it really means a lot. :)

  7. Keep up the good work. I read most of the articles, and the passion certainly does shine through.

    I'm still looking forward to seeing some playthroughs of games that are younger than me (and that I've actually played), but I'm enjoying the ride. :)

  8. I'm enjoying this blog of yours, please do what it takes to keep it up. If it means skipping ten years ahead to do something you really are looking forward to for a couple weeks, do it! Keep up the momentum.

    1. Aawww, thanks man, I appreciate it. :) The next game on my list is Super Star Trek. I'd rather not skip around because that'll just muss me up later. ;) I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, and hope you continue to do so!

  9. Has it only been 3 months? Wow, time flies when you're having fun! Love the writing, love the focus, love the playthroughs and memories they bring back! Keep it up!

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