Layoffs at NetDevil – Jumpgate Future Uncertain

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Might not see these guys any longer...

The MMO I’ve played the most is Jumpgate. I’ve played on and off since the beta in 2000 and likely put 400-500 hours in the game, so it’s likely also the game I’ve played the most in general. Even though I’ve not played in a long time, and Jumpgate Evolution was likely never to be released, I always took comfort that the original Jumpgate game (also known as Jumpgate Classic) was still around.

Earlier this year, one of the GM’s of the game, GM_Istvan, outlined plans to allow the community to contribute to Jumpgate. You can also read a post here with a little more detail. Sadly, we’ve had no news since then, and now comes word that the folks at NetDevil are being let go due to LEGO Online not doing that well. What this will mean for Jumpgate, no one really seems to know, but I’m totally going to keep an eye out on this story for more information.

Author: Brian Rubin

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