Arvoch Alliance Released! OMG New Space Sim Yay! ;)

Nice explosion from Arvoch Alliance!
Ship go boom! :)

A little while back, if you recall, I had a Q&A with Shawn over at Star Wraith 3D Games (part 1, part 2) — you know, the fella behind the Evochron games — in which we touched upon all manner of subjects. One thing we DIDN’T touch on, however, were any upcoming games, so you can imagine my surprise when I got a newsletter from SW3D announcing the release of an entirely new game!

This new game, Arvoch Alliance, instead of being a free-form combat and trading game, is a much more linear combat-focused game. Among the game’s features is a thirty mission single player campaign, a built in mission editor, multiplayer coop and PvP and sports massive capital ships, a Newtownian physics model and much more. I’ll be diving into this as soon as I can and start spouting out review game diaries by next week. Until then, check out this preview video below and more screenshots on the official site. I know, I, for one, am DAMNED excited about this new space game. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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