X Series on Sale at GamersGate

X3: Terran Conflict Screenshot

This...purple thing...and more can be yours for a song!

As part of GamersGate’s Thanksgiving sale, they’re having a sale on all of the X games by Egosoft. This includes:

If you have ANY interest in these games at all, the Superbox is the best value. I’ve played all of these, and I’ll be honest, I found them pretty dry, but if you’re looking for an economic simulator in which your office is a spaceship, these might do ya. :) Enjoy!

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4 Responses

  1. garion333 says:

    Superbox isn't the best value, it's a waste of time. Just get Terran Conflict and forget the rest. They're hardly worth playing for the storylines. ;)

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Don't argue with me, son. ;) The Superbox has the most content for the money, and honestly, I had the most fun with X-Tension. :P

  2. Nikolaj says:

    This must be a US only thing, since I'm not seeing any discounts on either of the X3 games or the superbox. Not a big deal for me, though, since I have them already.

    Anyway, I love these games. Garion333 is right that the storylines aren't the greatest, but for that price I'd definitely pick up the superbox. Even if the storylines aren't that great, it's still there, and I found it enjoyable to see how the game world evolved throughout the series.

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