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Talk Talk Talk...
Talk Talk Talk…

Hey guys, just a couple of things in regards to the podcast to make y’all aware of. First, starting next week and for several weeks thereafter, we’ll be recording on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM typically. You can see the updated dates on the schedule sidebar widget. We usually record on Tuesdays because my girlfriend and I live in a small one bedroom apartment, and during much of the year she’s out on Tuesdays. During the Summer she’s out on Wednesdays instead, so I’m trying to be accommodating. This is because having to be silent in your own apartment for an hour or two suuuuuuuucks, and I don’t want to foist that on her if I don’t have to, you know? ;)

Secondly, we’re soon going to try some runthroughs using Google Live Hangout instead of Twitch because both Jim and I are getting feeeeeeeeddddd up with Twitch’s constant buffering and delay problems. We’ll likely try that on our next show without a guest, so stay tuned for that.

As always, thanks for listening and watching, and we hope neither of these things are inconvenient for you. :) If you have any questions or comments, as always feel free to leave ’em below or contact us directly at hail@spacegamejunkie.com. Thanks guys! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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